10 Reasons It’s Time to Give Us a Try

Start-up companies are great when it comes to developing new mobile apps, but a lack of experience can be detrimental when assembling complex printed circuit boards. In fact, using an inexperienced company often means project delays, many unnecessary questions and boards that need multiple rounds of rework. Below is a guide to use when determining how important experience is to you.

1. Custom Software Created By Engineers, For Engineers

There are many assembly software packages available today. While they all have their pros, it is important to select a partner that uses software developed specifically to meet the needs of PCB designers. For example, Advanced Assembly’s BOM Builder is the only software that creates a virtual prototype of your board, making it easier to identify and correct errors and saving you costly respins and rework time. Design for Assembly Check

2. Been There, Done That

Experienced manufacturers don’t experiment on your boards because they’ve already faced and overcome nearly every obstacle. And, if they face a new challenge, they have processes in place to figure out solutions quickly without bothering you with needless questions. Advanced Assembly has been focused exclusively on quick-turn, PCB assembly for the past 16 years. Read more about us. 

3. One Size Does Not Fit All

Every project is unique. For this reason, you need a manufacturing partner that is flexible enough to accommodate your individual needs. Start-ups typically begin with a single process used for all projects. Advanced Assembly, on the other hand, understand flexibility is key to producing the best results and delivering the highest quality service.

4. Quality Is In The Details

Start-ups are so focused on completing basic logistics, they often fail to pay attention to the details. This can negatively affect the quality of assembled boards. At Advanced Assembly, we make quality our top priority at every stage of the process. We measure passives before placement, verify that consignment parts match the BOM, and each department is responsible for checking the quality of the previous department’s work.  We also have the industry’s only unconditional quality guarantee

5. What You Can’t See is Just as Important as What You Can

Visual inspection of assembled circuit boards is a first step to ensuring quality, but verifying quality below the surface is the sign of an experienced PCB assembler. Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) and other leadless parts are common in today’s PCB designs, but inspecting solder connections once the device is mounted can be a challenge.  Established assembly shops have multiple testing capabilities such as in-house 3D BGA X-Ray and Flying Probe. Testing Options

6. Customers Are People Too

Service is about more than boards and parts. It’s about knowing who your customers are and how their ideas will change the world. Experience has taught us how satisfying, and fun, it is to work alongside our customers and help bring their products to life. Thousands of engineers across a wide-variety of industries trust us with their projects. Here are just a few of our customers.

7. Two Heads are Better Than One

As products continue to get smaller, printed circuit board designs are getting more and more complex. Errors can happen even to the most experienced designers. That’s why it is important to select a PCB assembler with a process that includes a design engineer reviewing your files up front – free of charge – to help avoid holds.

8. High-Tech Boards Require High-Tech Equipment

Machine assembly is a must for today’s complex circuit boards. For this reason, you need a manufacturer with the most advanced assembly equipment. For example, Advanced Assembly recently added another MyData pick-and-place machine and has two jet paste printers. See our entire equipment list. 

 9. Certified

We continue to work hard to obtain the industry’s highest certifications and meet important registration standards. We are AS9100 RevD and ISO 9001:2015 certified; ROHS and ITAR compliant; and UL Registered. Please contact our Quality Assurance Manager, Jorge Ramos,  with certification questions. See our certifications. 

10. Boards + Components + Assembly

Advanced Assembly purchased a PCB fab shop in 2008 to make sure we can always provide the fastest turn-times possible. It is set up exactly like our assembly services to provide fast, flexible, and high-quality board fabrication. With this addition, Advanced Assembly provides the easiest and fastest way to have your designs built. Learn more about our turnkey assembly service. 

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