January 2021

What Does Experience Look Like?

Advanced Assembly knows PCB assembly. Our teams have years and years of experience. While you may know our sales team, there are so many incredible, behind-the-scenes employees that are instrumental in assembling boards fast and accurately. Check back each week to virtually meet some of our longest-tenured team members.

Meet Connor

What Does Experience Look Like? It looks like Connor – Advanced Assembly’s Shipping Specialist. For over 9 years, Connor has made sure PCB builds ship out accurately and on time.

“I love working at Advanced Assembly because it constantly engages me with the variety of board shapes and sizes. I handle 100s of different circuit boards every month. The small details of every job keep me on my toes every day.” Thanks for your commitment to the small details, Connor!

Meet Jennifer

What Does Experience Look Like? It looks like Jennifer – Advanced Assembly’s Production Manager. Jennifer has risen through the ranks over the past 8 years to become a key member of operations, dedicated to keeping our PCB assembly jobs on-track.

“I love working at Advanced Assembly because it is a fast-paced, dynamic environment that often presents opportunities to learn something new,” said Jennifer. “Each day in manufacturing my team and I are privileged to assemble innovative, unique designs for our customers.” Thank for your commitment to excellence, Jennifer!

Meet Isis

With nearly 13 years of experience, Isis, Advanced Assembly’s SMT Manager, is one of the most experienced veterans in the industry.

“I love my job because it has allowed me to grow and learn a lot,” said Isis. “As SMT Manager, my greatest satisfaction is when we meet or exceed customer expectations!” Advanced Assembly’s customers benefit everyday from Isis’ experience and we are incredibly lucky to work with her!

Meet Tim

Tim Landavazo has worked at AA for over 11 years! He started in shipping and is now Production Planning & Analysis Director. Tim and his team prioritize the resources we need to assemble projects with minimum delay based on capacity and production specifications.

“Our continuous growth means my job is never boring,” said Tim. “I love the constant challenge of turning out projects fast while also making sure our equipment and people are maximized. We have all the capabilities needed to help as many engineers as possible with their PCB manufacturing needs now and in the future.”

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