Lead Free

Advanced Assembly employs the latest in lead-free processes and assembly technology to produce ultra-high quality RoHS compliant PCBAs. We combine “no-clean” processes with the cutting edge capabilities of MyCronic’s My600 Paste Jet Printer and Rehm Vapor Phase Reflow System to provide customers the highest in RoHS capabilities. Our RoHS and Leaded processes and equipment are separate and designed to produce the best results.

Our Lead Free PCB Assembly Services Include:

  • Lead Free Board Assembly (SMT or THT/PHT)
  • Lead Free Selective Solder
  • Lead Free Rework
  • Lead Free Printed Circuit Boards Purchased from Key Assembly Partners

Our Lead-Free Compliant Assembly Processes Include:

  • Lead-free parts. Note: Lead-free parts must be able to withstand higher process temperatures.
  • Lead-free PCBs
  • Higher temperature for metallic bond

For faster, high-quality lead-free assembly, we recommend:

  • Avoiding mixing lead and lead-free components
  • Designating project as lead-free when placing an order
  • Clearly label all components as lead-free