Advanced PCB Assembly Topics

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Okay, so you know the basics. Easy breezy. Now you want to tackle some of those harder, more advanced topics. You’ve come to the right place.

Heat Management

Is heat management making you sweat? With electronic gadgets becoming progressively smaller, heat management is an increasing concern. Download this guide to learn methods on managing the removal of heat from your product.

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ESD Susceptibility

If you’ve ever purchased any bare electronics (and judging by the fact that you’ve landed on this page, you probably have), then you’ll have heard about a little something called electrostatic discharge (ESD). While you may know what this is, few understand just how bad ESD is for your electronics. And even though these discharges cannot be completely eliminated, there are important steps that can be taken to protect your electronics.

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Electromagnetic Testing

If a device, whether intentionally radiating or not, is encroaching into certain bands and creating interference, there can be serious performance issues and legal consequences. It is essential to understand the concept of electromagnetic interference (EMI), know what the conformance tests for your market entail, and see if your products require them. These tests will ensure that your products have achieved electromagnetic conformance (EMC).

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RF Circuits

So you know the basics of design but you want to add more complexity. RF circuits have transformed into a broad and rapidly growing range of commercial products in a widespread range of industries – going from desktop environments into small handheld devices.

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Power Supplies

Designing your printed circuit boards for power supplies can have limitless possibilities. Even though that is the case, you’ll need to follow particular rules when designing your PCBs for power supplies. Read this article to learn more about this.

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Environment and PCBs

We assume that PCBs are made to endure all types of environments. However, unless designed and manufactured appropriately for its specific situation, the environment can shorten the life of a PCB. By taking careful and adequate precautions, it is possible to keep the longevity of a PCB’s life and keep the system operational even in the harshest environments. Learn what you need to know about combatting the effects of the environment on PCBs.

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