We have developed a number of resources to assist you on your PCB design, learning about the industry and general information about Advanced Assembly.

eBook: Guide to Components

In this eBook, learn the importance of part selection, how to work with BGAs and small parts, and the pitfalls of component selection.  Find links to the following articles and whitepapers:

eBook: The Printed Circuit Board Handbook

Printed circuit boards are the foundation of all electronic products.  Use our PCB Handbook for advice and insights on designing error-free PCBs for ultra-fast fabrication.  Topics include:

printed circuit board handbook ebook cover

eBook: PCB Assembly Fundamentals

The 4 topics covered in this e-book form the foundation of a successful, streamlined assembly process.  Read this to learn about:

assembly fundamentals ebook cover

eBook: Inspection & Testing Procedures for PCB Assembly

PCB fabrication and assembly are complex processes with inherent chances for errors.  Reputable manufacturers mitigate these risks by offering multiple layers of testing and inspection.  Read this collection of articles on PCB testing:

eBook: Design Insights You Need

The design process is arguably one of the most important phases of your project.  Below are design resources that can help your project including:

design insights ebook cover

eBook: Picking an Assembly Partner

Finding the right PCB assembly partner for your projects can be a challenging, especially with new assembly shops popping up every year.  Yet, making the right decision can make or break the success of your project.  In this online resource discover which criteria is most important to you including:

picking the right partner ebook cover

eBook: Advanced Topics for the Knowledge Hungry

Okay, so you know the basics.  Easy breezy.  Now you want to tackle some of those harder, more advanced topics.  You’ve come to the right place.  Read this collection of articles that covers:

advanced topics ebook cover