July 29, 2019

Augmented Reality App for PCB Design Inspection

New App Uses Augmented Reality for PCB Design Inspection

After 15 years of working with electrical engineers, we have come to know the common pain points faced when developing new electronic products. That’s why we are excited to share with you a cool new tool currently in development by one of our partners, DebuggAR.

DebuggAR, a startup company based out of San Francisco, has created an augmented reality app that allows engineers to hover over their PCB and immediately see if any debugging or rework is needed.

The concept’s inspiration is to make design-for-assembly software portable and instantaneous. Using CAD software and circuit design information, combined with the live image of the PCB, electrical engineers can see live images of currents and components through the lens of their phone or tablet – whenever, wherever. The real-time board visualization also assists with assembly, rework, and debugging.

What’s DebuggAR’s future look like?
DebuggAR will soon be compatible with all smartphone and tablet devices so electrical engineers can view their PCBs in greater depth. DebuggAR will also have a live video chat platform for engineers to collaborate remotely while debugging and working on circuit boards creating an industry specific social platform

DebuggAR is allowing those are who interested to sign up and test the beta app before it launches. Sign up for Augmented Reality PCB Debugging.

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