January 16, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: Lawrence Davis, Founder and CEO, Advanced Assembly

In 2019, we celebrated our 15th year in the ultra-quick-turn PCB fabrication and assembly market. As anticipated, this was another year of record growth for Advanced Assembly. We have an equally bullish expectation for 2020 and are expanding our factory by 5000 square feet to support the assembly speed and volume that our customers expect.

Technology companies must constantly innovate to survive, and that innovation requires a fabrication and assembly partner for prototypes and low-volume production runs.

Advanced Assembly was built from the ground up to put assembled boards back into our customers’ hands faster than anyone else. Since prototype production volumes are typically small, and innovation is a product necessity, our business model is relatively unaffected by tariffs and market uncertainty.

We expect components to continue to shrink in package size and that boards will be designed to a tighter density. These trends increase assembly difficulty, but we constantly invest in the latest production equipment and employee training to stay on the leading edge of manufacturing capabilities.

We assemble boards for all industries, including IoT, defense, and medical device manufacturers. As engineers continue to iterate their designs and develop new products, we will be right there with them.

Lawrence Davis, Founder and CEO
Advanced Assembly


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