Advanced Assembly partners with some of the nation’s leading printed circuit board fabrication houses to supply our customers with the highest quality bare boards.


CIRCUIT CONSTRUCTIONS Single-Sided / Double-Sided / Multi-Layer / Flex / Rigid Flex
MATERIAL FR-4 / Rogers / Arlon / Polymide / Aluminum / Kapton
COPPER WEIGHTS .05 oz. to 10 oz.
LAYER COUNT 1 to 30 layers
STACK UP Control Dielectric / Control Impedance / TDR Testing
BOARD THICKNESS 0.005″ to 0.125″
STANDARD BOARD SIZES Up to 16″ x 22″ (oversized boards upon review)
SMALLEST TRACE/SPACE .003″/.003″   *Dependent on requested copper weight*
SURFACE FINISH Leaded Solder / Lead-Free Solder / ENIG / ENEPIG / Hard Gold / Wire Bonded Gold / Immersion Silver / OSP / Selective Gold
SOLDER MASK COLORS Any color upon request
SILKSCREEN COLORS Any color upon request
VIAS Blind & Buried Vias / Via-in-pads (VIP) / Filled Vias (conductive and non-conductive) / Silver & Epoxy Filled Vias

If there is a specification not listed, please contact your sales representative to discuss your PCB fabrication requirements.

Cost Saving Tips for PCB Fabrication:

  • Use Standards

  • Panelize Boards
  • Keep trace/space at .005″/.005″
  • Use standard solder mask color (Green)
  • Use standard silkscreen color (White)
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Our days are filled with electronic devices of all sizes from cars and medical devices to smart phones, smart watches, and tablets.  While most of these devices are expected to be efficient, and lightweight, they also have one more thing in common – each uses flexible circuit boards.

Working with our PCB partner, Royal Circuit Solutions, Advanced Assembly offers customers seamless access to flex and ridge-flex PCB fabrication services, which include:

  • Single-Sided Flexible Circuits – A single copper conductor layer on a flexible dielectric film.
  • Double-Sided Flexible Circuits – Double-sided copper clad material with top and bottom cover films.
    The two conductive layers have an insulating layer between.
  • Multi-Layer Flexible Circuit Boards – A combination of single and/or double-sided flex circuits laminated with adhesive onto a single and/or double-sided material.
  • Rigid Flex Circuits – Used to accommodate the entire conductor pattern of electric circuit within one component.
flexible circuit board on blue background
flexible board on blue background

Flex Board and Assembly Requirements

Ordering flex is a bit more complex than ordering PCB assembly. Below is a list of file requirements.
If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help with your order.

  • BOM
  • Gerber
  • CAD
  • Array File
  • Fabrication DWG: Need the detail information such as stiffener location and thickness, etc.
  • Order Quantity to determine the Fixture quantity
  • Depanel Option
  • Special Cut Requirement for De-Panel
  • Package Requirement
  • Learn more from our partner, Royal Circuits

Flex design can be complex. Get a free consultation with one of our experienced design engineers. Contact us to set up a call.

Learn more about our PCB fabrication services with our online Printed Circuit Board Handbook.