Turn-Key PCB Assembly

Did you know it takes an average of 15 hours to find and order parts for a typical PCB assembly order?

Save time by letting us do it for you. Just email us your files and Advanced Assembly will take it from there—ordering parts and boards, assembling the project and shipping on-time, every time.

Our team of Sourcing and Procurement specialists are able to speed through the process of finding the right components, ordering them and tracking their arrival. Then our Inventory specialists scour the arriving parts to ensure the correct quantity and parts are received—setting the job to move seamlessly through our Production and Quality departments before shipping out.

Customers with proprietary or hard to find components are able to ship us those parts directly and we’ll take care of the rest with our partial turn-key service.

The benefits of our turn-key PCB assembly service speak for themselves:

      No need to coordinate multiple vendors, pieces or parts.

     One purchase order for less hassles.

     We have key partnerships with industry-leading, ISO-certified, board and part vendors.

     Part sourcing experts order the right number of parts to help prevent delays.

     Streamlined process ensures smoother assembly.

     Price includes shipping from all vendors.

We are accountable for the entire process!