Anti-Counterfeit Policy

The purpose of this document is to outline the current position of Advanced Assembly on the prevention of counterfeit parts through regulatory directives. Advanced Assembly’s naming convention of this policy is “Parts Traceability” to which a Certificate of Conformance, date codes, and lots codes are to be provided upon request.

This policy applies to components purchased through Advanced Assembly. Advanced Assembly supplier partners are required to purchase from OEM authorized suppliers and secure Manufacturers’ Certificate of Conformance to provide to Advanced Assembly upon request. Advanced Assembly employees whose responsibilities include Sourcing, Purchasing, and verifying parts shall also be responsible for compliance to our ASL (Approved Supplier List) and Parts Traceability Policy.

All approved suppliers are required to comply with PUC-P-0003 stating Advanced Assembly’s Supplier Quality Requirements.

1. Orders that may need Parts Traceability must be called out at time of quote from the end customer.
2. In the event that a supplier fails to comply with Parts Traceability requirements; the Purchasing Manager will follow corrective action with the supplier and remove them from the ASL for Parts Traceability if they fail to comply.

The use of unauthorized suppliers not listed on the ASL without consent by the end customer is strictly prohibited. Should reasons dictate the use of such suppliers the following process is required:

1. Suppliers must notify the supply chain representative (Sourcing/Purchasing) to use a non-authorized source which is communicated to the Purchasing Manager as well as the end customer.
2. Components will only be purchased from an unapproved supplier with consent from our end customer releasing Advanced Assembly of regulatory directives for the Anti-Counterfeit Policy. The procurement department will still identify the parts as “Parts Traceability” but does not guarantee that the unapproved supplier will comply.

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